5 speculations about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion

The year 2020 brought some great news for the fans of TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It was announced earlier this year that a reunion would happen soon. Since then the hype around the show is too high. People are buzzing around with assumptions on the show. There are lots of theories and gossips happening. But no one actually knows what the reunion all about is. This gets even more exciting with some speculations that people have made and what they are expecting from the biggest show of the year. 



Joey, the utmost dim-witted yet loving character on the iconic show would be expected to make us laugh. The one-liners like “how you doin?” and “we were on a break”, “pivot”, should be repeated once or even twice to reinstall the old charm of the megahit show. The fun element is expected to be seen more. Jokes are assumed to get better and make us laugh harder. Overall, the reunion is expected to be more enjoyable.


The last episode of the season left all of us teary-eyed. Ross and Rachel united. Monica and Chandler were together. Phoebe got married to Mike. But Joey was left unmarried on the show. What happened after that? We all are dying to know how the story unfolded after this. What happened to Joey’s love life or how did Monica and Chandler live after they left their old apartment? Or how did Ross and Rachel married each other? 


It would certainly be stirring to watch how the lives have changed in 16 years from 2004 to 2020. How does the cast appear now and what change in characters have taken place? It would also be thrilling to know about the new cast on the show and which actors have left the show. If the narrative remains the same or is there a change in the storyline or the place of the shoot, all would be interesting to watch for.


People are expecting a revisit to the famous coffee shop “Central Perk” and Monica Geller’s flat number 20. Both were the iconic places in the history of television. A great number of fans must be wanting to see the 6 of them packed in these places. We speculate that if not all then some scenes must have been shot there in the reunion series. The thrill to watch them laughing around at the same place is keeping us on toes.


Not just do we expect an electrifying reunion of F.R.I.E.N.D.S but we want to see more after this also. Most of you would agree with this. A reunion should not be just a few episodes but a little more than that. We would love to get engaged with it again just like we did during the long series. A better plot with more new characters and better jokes is what we want in this reunion and many reunions to come.

These are our speculations from the show! You might have your own theories. The fact that remains undeterred is that the show is going to be amazing. 

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