Well, we all know about the great success of will smith in Hollywood history. He has been the finest actor and rapper in the Hollywood era and gave us the original thought-provoking movies and songs every time. This person is super multitalented and ambitious. He’s as of now gathered up various Grammys and two Oscar selections, and he has broadly esteemed the ‘go-to’ entertainer for a fruitful summer flick. He has thrown up several award-winning movies like the pursuit of happiness, suicide squad, bad boys for life, and many more. The best pick from his collection of movies goes to the pursuit of happiness, Aladdin, and collateral beauty.

1. Pursuit of happiness
Rolling back to when the pursuit of happiness was released, this movie gave a significant vibe to the audience. The title itself is meaningful and yet strange. Often asked that what message does this movie sent to the viewers? The pursuit of happiness is a movie that gives meaning and depth to the lives. The plot revolves around the true story of Chris Gardner, a celebrity in the US stock market in the 1990s.In the early 1990s, he had nothing to lose and thrown out of his job purposely. Despite not attending the college, lacking the knowledge this person made it to the highest position in the training of securities companies, taking his life into a new phase. This movie makes sense and hope for every person and gender.

Pursuing Happiness is a Choice; From the movie Pursuit of Happiness

2. Aladdin
Will Smith has just enough charm to carry Aladdin for his audience. Aladdin has been the best-scripted movie and got nominated for several awards. After the announcement of Aladdin’s release, the audience got furious to know the real action character for, just how weird is the live-action version of Genie? It’s pretty much! Aladdin showed the different side of will smith contrary to what he used to portray in his previous movies. Aladdin was nominated for Saturn awards for the best supporting actor in 2019. Furthermore, will smith won the best fantasy movie actor for Aladdin in 2019.

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3. Collateral beauty

Curating the results, the best of three goes to Collateral beauty released in 2016 summers. The director David Frankel took a deep route in reminiscing love, time, and death with the film collateral beauty. Collateral Beauty is a film about a man (Will Smith) who is visited by the physical appearance of Time, Death, and Love to assist him with lamenting the passing of his daughter. This film goes past just discovering significance and reason amidst misery and goes above and beyond to discover real magnificence during a disaster

Collateral Beauty Will Make You Cry | Guideposts

The mixed emotions movies with a tint of classic view are a specialty of will smith. He is the best rapper and actor in Hollywood. Will is one of the most generously compensated entertainers in the business, having earned $20 million for the initial two Bad Boys flicks. These movies are proof of dedication and best work. Will Smith has given to his audience. Smith has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards and has won four Grammy Awards. He was nominated for several movies and solo songs and made a high budget demand in the Hollywood industry.

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