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For years, Hollywood has been acing biographical movies. Whether the biographical movies are based on musicians, sports stars, iconic entrepreneurs, scientists, or world leaders, Hollywood places a great effort to bring back the deserving personalities and presenting their real-life stories in front of us. So if you are eagerly excited to know about some famous heroes and about life incidents, have a look at the top best biographical films that have graced the big screen.

Chaplin (1992) - IMDb

1. Chaplin (1992)

A 1992 biographical movie is based on one of the iconic British comedians named Charlie Chaplin. The movie is directed and produced by Richard Attenborough. The story in this movie is derived from Chaplin’s autobiography named ‘My Autobiography’ and ‘Chaplin’. His Life and Art were written by critic David Robinson. Robert Downey performed the lead role as Chapin in the movie.

2. Ali (2001)

Released in 2001, Ali is a great inspirational movie that is based upon the true-life story of an American boxer named Muhammad Ali. The movie highly focuses on the several chapters of Ali’s life such as winning the heavyweight championship for the first time, transformation to Islam along with his dynamic journey on the Vietnam war. In addition, the events and challenges that he faced in his personal life are also covered in the movie. Will Smith played the role as Ali and was widely praised for his performance.

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3. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A beautiful Mind is based on the life of John Nash. This movie was inspired by a book of a similar name by Sylvia Nasar. In the movie, John starts to build paranoid schizophrenia and endures delusional episodes while watching the burden his condition brings on his friends and family. Russell Crowe played the lead role in the movie and performed really well throughout the movie.

A Beautiful Mind (2001) - IMDb


Hollywood makes a number of movies based on real-life incidents and people from all walks of life. These biopics are cinematically well-made and by knowing that these stories actually happened, we connect to them even more.

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