Best Movies of Al Pacino

Al Pacino is one of the most revered actors of Hollywood with a career of more than 50 years and brilliant and dynamic filmographic performances. A method actor by training he has portrayed many diverse characters with his iconic persons and distinguished charm. From acknowledgments from Oscars, Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and outstanding work on film and theatre – Al Pachino is among the most exceptional and greatest screen actors of his generations. He ventured to the Broadway and enchanted us with Richard III and other equally impressive plays like Herod in Oscar Wilde’s Saline to classic Shakespearean roles like the Merchant of Venice. Alfredo James Pacino with the” Triple Crown of Acting” has done vivid characters like Tony Montana and Michael Corleone enigmatically. So, let’s have a look at some of the best and critically appraised movies starring Al Pacino.

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Some of the Best Movies of Al Pacino

  • Dog Day Afternoon

The movie by Sidney Lumet is one of the quintessential role played by Al Pacino. He plays a robber – Sonny Wortzik who desperately hatches a plan to attack a bank and use the stolen funds for his lover’s operation. The movie takes a different twist turning in to a hostage situation and a media circus. The funny yet dark-themed and emotionally gripping brings out the fantastical filmographic abilities of Lumet and Pacino on screen. The intensity of the character played by Pacino masking the paranoia and slowly revealing the true motives is absolutely riveting to watch. He was nominated for the Oscars for the unmatched performance exhibiting his hysteria and worry. The panic about people discovering his identity as a married man and wants to use the stolen money for his girlfriend undergoing sex reassignment surgery is beautifully beholden in the cinema captivatingly. The sensory experience of the movie makes us realize and feel the gloomy depth of the world.

  • Glengarry Glen Ross

The movie by James Foley shows Pacino’s raw expression in the struggles and practices in a real estate office. It is more of revelation than Scarface with something real and happening making the career of Pacino defining. The cast has Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, and Kevin Spacey in the movie with best designed and delivered dialogues. The story revolves around the battle for corporate wins as a real estate agency employee. Pacino plays the role of Ricky Roma dripping and bluntly delivering cheap insults as linguistic poison. The crafty and slicked portrayal is eloquently showcased through the charisma of Pacino bringing him an Oscar nomination. The filmography takes us through the greed and fight in agencies where actual sales occur making as enthralled by the presentation.

  • The Godfather

The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola is a brilliant artistic movie starring both Pacino and his idol Marlon Brando. The movie is about an aging patriarch trying to transfer the reins of a clandestine crime dynasty to the hands of his son. It is one of the most iconic cinemas in Al Pacino’s acting career. The character of Michael – son of Vito Corleone is astoundingly played by him supported by the equally bright cast. The legendary film takes us on the arc where Pacino surpasses the ambitions of his father, getting him another Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actor. The character of Michael committed to having a normal life outside the mob but feeling a dilemma of fulfilling filial duty and thus gets dragged in the violent cycle. Slowly the character development is observed on-screen as the innocence of Pacino is lost and he embraces the crime world and his father’s powers. The movie is an epic filmographic experience that leaves one hooked and absorbed.

  • The Godfather Part II

The second sequel to the Godfather by Coppola shows the early life and career of Vito Corleone played by Robert Niro and the journey of Pacino expanding and taking control of the family crime syndicate. The movie is a phenomenal achievement in Hollywood that captured the essence much better and convincing way than the monumental first installment. The darkness ensues in this movie with a violent descent and sacrifices to embrace the sins and power. The movie holds the prime poetic transformation of Michael into ultra-powerful, after falling from grace to the center of the crime syndicate. The terrific storytelling paired with the amazing acting of the cast brings out the charm of the film. The scene where Micheal willing to murder his family even his brother Fredo is an utterly consuming filled with darkness. The conflict of emotions – fury and loss with the flashbacks of Vito make it tragic and regretful to watch but we remain glued to the screen with the impeccable captivation of Pacino in his form that got him another Oscar nomination.

  • Serpico

Another unmatched performance of Pacino is in Sidney Lumet’s Serpico that brought him an acknowledgment of yet another nomination of Academy Awards. As Frank Serpico – real-life detective uncovers the police corruption in New York with a lot of moral integrity portrayed on-screen. Pacino plays a cop who wants out form the vicious corrupt cycle in a fearless and raw manner is heart-wrenching. The exquisite creation of the cop drama gives Pacino to explore the good guy and morally strong character. The compelling drama had its fair share of tense moments with the righteous and precariously balanced anger of Frank and him going insane with the pressure is ingeniously executed by Al Pacino mesmerizing us. We get to see a hippy headed and bearded whistleblower of a cop – Pacino in this scintillating cinema.

There are many unparallel movies of Al Pacino with revered acting like The Scent of A Women winning him an Oscar to others like Carlito’s Way,

The Insider, The Irishman, Angels in America, Heat that again and again points out how talented an actor he is. The audience is left to be dumbfounded by the versatility and flippancy he shows and the next minute with the gloomy seriousness bewitching us. His movies and portrayals are one-of-a-kind and make us think and rethink of the complete control and complete loss of control he holds as a criminal or sometimes a liver or addict. The acting and his entrancing powers have embedded itself in the history of Hollywood and popular culture making him the living legend.

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