Cool Facts about Christian Bale

The world calls him one of the greatest actors of all times and we couldn’t agree more. Christian Bale started his career as a child star in 1987 and went on to play some of the most memorable characters in movies including the iconic Batman.

Bale has had an extremely unpredictable career so far. In January the Ford Vs Ferrari actor turned 46, and we think it is the right time to honor Bale by checking out some cool facts about him.

He comes from a Family of Performers:

The love for performing arts runs in the family of Christian Bale. His mother was a circus performer and a dancer while his father was a talent manager. That’s not all, his grandfather was a stunt double artist, and was roped in to play John Wayne in the 1962 movie Hatari.

Bale Beat over 4,000 Other Actors to Land his First Role:

Bale auditioned for the Steven Spielberg directorial war movie Empire of the Sun at the age of 12. It was based on World War II and around 4,000 other aspiring young actors auditioned for the role. However, it was Bale who was finally selected and performed in the movie. This was his debut movie and helped me get many good roles early on in his career.

Bale Stopped Eating Red Meat After Reading Charlotte’s Web:

Reportedly, Christian Bale stopped eating red meat altogether after he read about Wilbur, a character in Charlotte’s Web. He still avoids eating red meat, and we cannot stop admiring him for being so considerate about conserving the environment and showing his love for animals.

He Loved Playing Super Mario Bros:

Bale has often spoken about his fondness for video games in general and Super Mario Brothers in particular. Clearly, it used to be his favorite game during childhood. We would certainly want to know which of the games he likes to play now, if he ever gets enough free time that is….

He is an Outdoorsy Person:

Bale isn’t one who would stay indoors for a long time. He is an adventurous soul and always wants to do something. If he isn’t on an adventure, he quickly gets bored and starts planning for one. After all, he is making millions now, so why would he want to stay indoors when he can travel across the globe and fulfill all his heart’s desires.

Bale is Addicted to Sleeping:

Now that one surprised us as well, as someone who never wants to get bored is quite unlikely to be addicted to something as passive as sleeping. However, that’s actually true as Christian himself mentioned in an interview that he can sleep for 12 hours straight and has no qualms in admitting that he was obsessed to sleeping.

He Likes to Prepare A Lot for his Roles:

Christian Bale is a dedicated actor and likes to fully transform himself for every role that he chooses to do. He does everything in his might to look like a certain character that he has in mind and works with his stylists on developing his character’s overall getup and appearance. He is truly a star to reckon with, and we simply cannot wait to see him again on screen in a brand new avatar.

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