Facts You Don’t Know About Disneyland

Disneyland has a lot of hidden secrets that even the savviest fan might not know even after more than 6 decades of its opening. It is the fundamental source of magic for the Disney theme park empire, and we all are fascinated by classic rides such as the Jungle Cruise and the Matterhorn. But there are some lesser-known facts like Disneyland pumping different scents in the park so that we can always associate wonderful smells with Disney. Moreover, they have a tribe of feral cats employed, which functions as pest control inside Disneyland. The basic secrets like hundreds of hidden Mickeys around the park are known by many. But today let’s get into some lesser-known strange and fun facts about the Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland.

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Unknown Facts About Disneyland –

  1. The Exclusive Club 33

One of the most elusive attractions is Club 33 that is in a difficult-to-access spot in New Orleans Square. It has a 10-year+ waiting list and $25,000 initiation fee – and the only place in Disneyland to serve alcohol. This upscale five-star club has a winding staircase for the invited entries. The club is open only to hidden members of the club in the Magic Kingdom, originally envisioned by Walt Disney to entertain corporate sponsors or special guests. For eating at Club 33, one would need a member to put their name on the 14-year eating list and pay up $100,000 as of the membership fees. Unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland doesn’t sell alcohol elsewhere other than this secret place, visible in plain sight but only hosts important people.

2. Plants Of The Future

All the plants in the Tomorrowland are completely edible and it was originally the idea of Walt Disney. It was created to Disney’s aimed fantasy future with sustainable agricultural technology. The Tomorrowland’s “House of the Future” is the most resident attraction in Disneyland as the landscape was designed to double as a farm. Apart from it, the Monsanto-sponsored walk-through exhibit was initially designed to show off advanced plastics manufacturing of the time, that succeeded. The house’s plastic shell was built strong enough to repel wrecking balls during demolition. Later it was demolished by the crew using crowbars and chains over a time of two weeks to take apart, piece by piece.

3. The Weirdness In The Pirates Of Caribbean Attraction

Once a staff caught passengers dumping white powder-like stuff that was later found to be human ashes on the ground in the Pirates of the Caribbean leading to the shut down for a short time. Now the Park had explicit bans and restrictions on cremated remains. When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened in 1967 initially, human bones from UCLA’s Medical Centre were used as props and scattered in the sets. Passengers can actually spot a real human skull on the bed in a treasure room when the ride begins. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the most popular attraction at Disneyland in the entire world according to the LA Times. By 2017, about 400 million (close to a third of a billion passengers) people have ridden in the ride since it opened in 1967. The officials also have banned stink bombs, selfie sticks inside Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disneyland was considered as the most important work of his entire life by Walt Disney and truly it is the greatly cherished attraction popular among both adults and children. The exceptional park with its exclusive rides and remarkable facts and hidden gems is something we all relate with nostalgia and fun. It is a dream come true for many and entertaining place to enjoy vacations or holidays for people. There are many other secrets to be unearthed in Disneyland that can be found by an inquisitive mind with regular visits.

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