Fun Facts about Daniel Craig

This suave English actor proved all his critics wrong who predicted that he cannot become a successful Bond. He was indeed unlikely to become one as he was not just the youngest of all actors who had played Bond so far but he was also shorter in height than other Bonds and blond as well.

Who would have thought 12 years back that this actor would become one of the most successful Bonds till date. Fast forward to present day and he continues to rule the hearts of James Bond fans and has successfully proved his mettle. Daniel Craig is a hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and very private person. People don’t know much about the actor. So, we decided to share with you some little known facts about Daniel Craig.

Craig has an Impressive Lineage:

Not many know about the utterly impressive family tree of Daniel Craig. He is a French Huguenots descendant and among his ancestors are Huguenot minister Daniel Chamier and 1st Baronet Sir William Burnaby. And if you want to know about his middle name Wroughton’s background, then it comes from Grace Matilda Wroughton, his great-great-grandmother.

Former Bond Actors Supported Craig’s Casting as James Bond:

When Daniel Craig was signed for James Bond, there was a lot of confusion among Hollywood circles. It then turned into a controversy, and much of the hullaballoo was because of Craig’s short height and blond hair. How can a Bond be blond? Fans were perplexed over the movie makers’ choice.

To add fuel to the fire, Craig refused to change the color of his hair to suit Bond’s getup. However, surprisingly, Craig received overwhelming support from almost former Bond actors including Sean Connery, Roger Moore and even Pierce Brosnan whom Craig was to replace as Bond. Everything fell into place later and Craig started filming for Casino Royale, which turned out to be one of the most successful of all Bond movies.

Craig Struggled to Get Good Roles:

Despite his good looks, gentlemanly demeanor, and great acting skills, Craig struggled to get decent roles in Hollywood movies. He debuted with ‘The Power of One’ in 1992 and didn’t get good offers until 1995 when he appeared in Disney movie ‘A Kid in King Arthur’s Court’. Then he vanished for two years and made a comeback with biographical drama Elizabeth in 1998. Meanwhile, he kept himself busy as an actor by working in TV series. He started getting noticed after he appeared in British telefilm Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon in 1998. After appearing in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001, his career literally took off and with Road to Partition in 2002, Munich in 2005, and Casino Royale in 2006, he joined the league of Hollywood’s A-list stars.

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