Fun-facts about “Friends”

Among the most popular American sitcoms that made a significant impact on the pop-culture is Friends. The wonderful show is something, almost everybody has watched one episode if not binge-watched. Even if someone has not tuned to it around 1994 when it was released everybody is pretty much a fan to enjoy the reruns of the show Friends. It is also one of the most-watched TV series of all time that made many people loyal to it for its awesomeness.

Let’s look at some of the fun facts about Friends in this article so that you have some trivia prepared to compete and talk with your own pals about.

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Fun-facts about Friends

  1. The character of Rachel was offered to Cortney Cox.

Courtney Cox wanted to play as Monica but was offered the role of Rachel before Jennifer Aniston – the last to be on the casting team. Apparently, Cox was excited by the neatness and competitive nature of Monica’s character and found it more attractive. Nancy McKenna was then considered for Monica while both Jane Lynch and Kathy Griffin initially auditioned for the role of Phoebe. The main cast members Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston almost missed out the show as they were signed in other projects.

2. The budget was too small and writers had to get creative to cut costs in the pilot episode.

With the popularity of Friends earning a million bucks per episode for each cast member is something expected. But it will surprise for many as the first episode had a very tight budget and was entirely shot in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. The writers had to intelligently make the plot for the episode The One Where No One’s Ready saving money on sets and extra actors. Matt Leblanc had only 11 dollars with him when he auctioned for the role and brought himself a hot meal after the first paycheck. Wherein Courtney Cox bought a new car for herself.

3. Friends was not the initially decided name of the show

The show when was under processing and preparation and nascent shooting stage many working titles like “Friends Like Us”, “Six of One”, “Across the Hall”, and “Insomnia Cafe” were considered. But later it was planned to make a single word title for better recall and popularity. So the name Friends was decided by NBC. NBC assumed the cast to be too young to have popular viewership

NBC and directors though about adding an older character as a mentor in the group – Pat the cop so that the representation is a much better age-wise, as they assumed the public may not receive the young casts.

4. The theme song was not supposed to a single

After a radio show played The Rembrandts and they became at the top list of American Pops in the IS and Canada for 5 weeks. The show planned to get The Rembrandts to make a second verse and release it for the catchy tune of the theme song.

5. The original plan was to air Monica and Joey as the main couple

According to the co-creator Marta Kaufman, the show was planned to have a love story of Monica and Joey as the main couple of the series as they seemed most sexual of all the characters.

The wonderful show Friends is an amazing show with lots of beautiful moments and joys for all of the watchers to enjoy from. Almost all of the cast members except Courtney Cox received Emmy nominations for their portrayed character performances. The brilliant show has been a part of many people’s youths and childhood and watching it sitting with the entire family in the cable or now binging it on OTT is trudge down the memory lane equally sweet. Though it has been years since Friends was last launched the charm is never lost.

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