Fun-facts about Nicolas Cage

Variedly reviewed for the most brilliant movies to some of the worst the Hollywood has seen -Nicolas Cage us a versatile actor who has kept his magnetic yet sometimes weird presence on-screen and off-screen before us fans. From some enigmatically portrayed characters like Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, The Rock, National Treasure to poorly criticized movies like Amos & Andrew, Vampire’s Kiss, Fast Times at Ridgemont High has been a part in the acting career of Nicholas Kim Coppola or Nic Cage as we know him. Let’s look at some of the weird and funny facts about Nicolas Cage.

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Some Fun-facts about Nicolas Cage

  1. He has a fascination with driving fast

During the shooting of Gone in 60 seconds, Nicolas Cage has driven at the speed of 180 miles 3 am in the morning when returning home. Apparently, he has a penchant for fast speed and he did it that one time after buying Yamaha1 motorbike.

2. He has a determined burial procedure planned

He feels like as a privileged celebrity he needs to have some special sort of burial and have solid decisions regarding his dead body. So, he has this nine-foot-tall stone pyramid in one of New Orleans to keep his corpse secure like a Pharaoh from grave robbers, l and crazed fans.

3. The meat he eats depends on the mating behavior of the animal

Apparently, Nicolas Cage eats the I’m at of animals who are dignified during mating like birds and fish. He feels like it is sort of unacceptable to eat an animal whose mating behaviour is not attractive according to him. This is a really weird food choice among all the various things we know about Hollywood stars.

4. Nicolas Cage plans to write a book about his acting style

Using normal language to explain his acting methodology is well futile as it is too profound and gis very own developed way. Called the Nouveau Shamantic is a very unique style to get into a particular character he will be playing. The secrets and all the details will probably be discussed on length on his future book – so keep a lookout for that.

What we can say about some very unusual practices he did for filming are getting his teeth pulled out. For 1984 Birdy movie he went to the dentist to pull out 2 milk teeth he had to feel the pain that will take him to the character’s mindset. He plays an obsessed veterinarian who is traumatised and wants to fly. He demanded to not be dosed with anaesthetic so that he can comprehend the intense pain.

Another incident is his having an octopus pet instead of a normal dog or cat as a pet to help him with acting. Well, it is really hard to determine for us how an octopus helped him but ye see can see the brilliant result from his flawless and amazingly executed characters Jn movies. He is well known for his expenses on castles, yachts, jet and even T-rex skulls. So, expecting pretty much anything from Cage in reel or real life is ‘predictable’.

5. In China, he is famed as the World’s Best Actor

In China, he has received the honorable Huading Awards in 2013 that pretty much equates with the standards of Best Global Actor In Motion Pictures. Though he has won a number of awards and even an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas nothing beats the glory given by the Chinese nation straightaway crowing him as the Best Actor in the World. That’s something to really boast about in Hollywood.

Apart from these weird facts, Nicolas Cage changed his name inspired by Marvel Superhero Luke Cage to separate himself from his family so that he can achieve success through his capabilities. His uncle is the famous director Francis Ford Coppola and his cousins are Sofia Coppola, Talia Shire, Jason, and Robert Schwartzman. Apart from such deeds, he is a generous actor who once donated $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. H also served as the Goodwill Ambassador in UN since 2010 due to his efforts to aid and protect victims of human trafficking.

Apart from wonderful movies, his overall personality is quite eccentric and unusual but we still love Cage as his due to his brilliant acting and filmography.

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