Fun Facts About Steven Spielberg

Whether you call him the Godfather or master of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg was one of the legendary producers, directors, and screenwriters in American film history. He had the power to convert the dream into a reality that can be seen almost in every movie. From producing Gremlins to Poltergeist, each film is exciting and gives endless enjoyment. But this is all we know about his movies. There are some of the most fun and interesting facts about him which you must know as his true fan. We have come up with exciting and surprising facts about his life and work. So, if you are eager to know about them, have a look below.

Steven Spielberg Doesn't Think Netflix Movies Deserve Oscars - Variety

Interesting Movie Facts

1. Steven Spielberg was never paid for his work on ‘Schindler’s List’

Believe it or not, Schindler’s List was considered as one of the most expensive black and white movie of the 20th century. However, it’s surprising to know that Spielberg Spielberg didn’t accept any payment for his work on this movie. According to him, any money accepted would be “blood money,” considering the Holocaust. He was granted permission to shoot the film near a concentration camp, but he rejected the proposal as he was more concerned for the victims.

2. Steven‘s first full-length movie had a profit of just one dollar

When Steven was 16 years old, he scripted and created the sci-fi flick Firelight on a short budget at just $490. He cast his own school friends and used his garage for the shooting location. The shocking part is that he even composed the film’s score on clarinet himself. Over 500 audience watched his movie and invested $1. As a result, Spielberg came out of the debut with a profit of just one dollar.

Jaws Behind-The-exciting Facts You Might Not Know

Once meant to be a simple man vs. shark film based on a paperback novel, this early Steven Spielberg film became the biggest grossing movie of all-time. The movie was the jumpstart career of Steven Spielberg. Though, the movie has seen huge success from the past years, the process of making it included a number of interesting facts that are as follows:

  • The shark in the movie Is named “Bruce” after Steven Spielberg’s Lawyer.
  • Steven Spielberg was hesitant and not ready to make Jaws.
  • Steven Spielberg slept with a stalk of celery under his pillow in order to provide comfort during the troubled shoot of Jaws.

Other Mindblowing Facts

  • He never had a single cup of tea in his entire life because he doesn’t like its smell and never has a desire to try it.
  • He has a phobia about “furniture with feet.”
  • In 2005, Steven Spielberg released War of the Worlds. It became a box office success that grossed more than $591 million.
  • He is the only Oscar-winning director of a “Best Picture” to be paid nothing for his directorial chores.

Steven Spielberg is not just another popular director who shoots films in millions and earns billions. There are some interesting things about him which you wouldn’t have known. As a true fan, some of the most interesting facts would have helped you to know more about his life and fantastic movies.

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