Hollywood losing fans?

Hollywood these days serve similar stories or baseline. Mostly it is being done on the public demands and choices. Yet the ideas and amazing cinematography are losing their culture in Hollywood. Only 2 or 3 movies gets the heart of audiences with there ideas out of thousands of movies being released in Hollywood every year. If we try to get into depts, we find the below-mentioned issues as basics of why Hollywood is losing its fan base.

Similar ideas being used for the movies are very common these days, in recent times there were many releases that though went well on box offices but resembled the ideas or the concepts. This is one of the main reasons that fans are having there faith in Hollywood as it is losing its originality. Similar movies with different cast and creatures but all the same story bases. The versatility and distinguishing ideas are somewhere missing from Hollywood these days.

Typical remakes and sequels are yet another reason for Hollywood losing its fan base. This a very common trend in Hollywood these days. Making the typical remakes or human version of Hollywood animated series staring celebrities and inexpensive budgets. Which is a waste of money at times as its all just the same, the only thing to see in these remakes is the fancy sets and not much. Making one movie with two-three different scene or plot is not impressing the audiences anymore.

Lost experiments and creativity is also a major reason for Hollywood getting in dark light. Where in Hollywood got famous for its creative ideas, exceptional ideologies, amazing CinePlay and authentic storyline, these days it is famous for not having these at all. That spirit of sharing major issues and ideologies with people in such a simple but explicit form of performing art was highly appreciated once for the Hollywood producers. But these days they talk less about concerns, new ideas but invest more in all the same and basic storylines and fancy movie makings.

There is a lot more to depreciating Hollywood fanbase. Mentioned factors were the basic outline of the cause. With all these things happening its not difficult to say that somewhere Hollywood is dying. We can just hope for a better tomorrow in Hollywood.

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