How Corona is affecting Hollywood movies

As corona virus continues its deadly moves around the globe, the outbreak is inflicting havoc with Hollywood’s effect to launch its major movies and shows. In the process, the companies are forcing the employees to delay work trips to countries including China, Korea, Italy and the other regions that have been adversely affected by this disease and as a result, they are cutting promotional campaigns for several upcoming blockbusters. Let us have a look at how the entertainment business is getting affected.

1. Due to the effect of coronavirus, at the box office, a number of films have already delayed in china. Almost 50,000 have been closed in the country since January. Moreover, the other countries including Italy and Japan have also seen some temporary closures in an attempt to impede the spread of the virus.

2. Talking about the productions, the government has declared to shut down the major studio operations. These include Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, a massive complex developed by Dalian Wanda Group, as well as Hengdian World Studios. Moreover, Paramount Pictures has delayed its plans to film the seventh “Mission Impossible” film in Italy.

3. Gaming and live music are considered as an important aspect for any entertainment industry. Due to coronavirus, many conference plans are deemed to be cancelled and also global live music industry seems to get affected. Many multiple film concerts cancelled in Asia and other places, including Los Angeles.


All major high-profile spring releases are already being hurt by the coronavirus, which could have an enormous effect on their bottom lines. Still many of the studies are trying to fix out whether they should move major releases to avoid debuting films in parts of the world where coronavirus is spreading. spread of the disease in major places such as South Korea has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars in their ticket sales.

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