How Joey changed in the FRIENDS over the period of time!

Characters evolve and develop like people and when thinking about Joey in Friends after the pilot episode – the changes are quite distinctive. From a person with love for food and women – Joey Tribbiani changed to a very mature and different yet loved person from the journey since 1994 to end of season 10. With an entire decade to grow paired with lovably dumb and hilarious life experiences changed Joey in many ways. Let’s see some of the most prominent changes in him.

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  • He got dumber with seasons and embraced his food obsession

With the seasons passing on Joey was portrayed increasingly dumb but earlier he started as someone who could hold conversations and even figures Chandler and Monica secretly seeing each other. But by the end of the season 10, the show continued to poke fun on the basis of his low intelligence, with very little places of him showing wisdom. Another change that happened was his increased extreme dedication to food. He never shared food and even went to the extent of taking cooking classes with Monica and ended up being good enough to get an aluminium foil star.

  • Rachel became one of the best friends of Joey

When the series began Rachel didn’t know Phoebe or even Joey but later Joey and Rachel became the closes characters with them developing romantic feelings too. Though the end of being true best friends and even enjoyed carrying a shoulder bag given by we. He started to embrace his feminine side slowly too with the progress of the series. He became much more selfless and even heartily accepted the decorations made by his roommate Janine in the apartment. He used to play around women but with the storyline going on with romantic involvement -Rachel, he decided to change his ways. He even never pursued Rachel thinking about Ross’ feelings making his character more developed and mature.

  • He has a solid career and could even loan people money

Joey made a good career out of acting maybe not till the end of the series but he pretty much worked income memorable pieces. He started out struggling but ended up with some major roles like Dr Drake Ramorah and some movie too to flourish his career (despite Chandler sleeping through it). Chandler used to loan money to Joey but by the end of the series, Joey himself loaned out to people and even tried to layback Chandler. this process his solid career and good way in a lot of ways.

  • He got more serious about love with more profound love advice yet ended up alone

Joey from the beginning didn’t do serious relationships or get attached to the opposite sex. But things changed after he was attracted to Rachel, it clearly showed that he wanted someone special to spend his life with. He even has the best relationship advice and became love-guru. He helped solve the misunderstanding between Chandler and Monica when she wanted to meet Joey that night. He also said some very same things to Ross about Rachel in the season finale and he also said impressive things that they both will find out their best to panicking Pheobe – thinking that maybe Rachel will never know about Ross real feelings. Even with these things he ended up alone – no roommate, relationship when everyone else was clipped. He as friends and this can be aloof a new spinoff series but it is saddened to see nothing reassuring for such a developed character.

Joey seems goofy, silly and dumb, but he definitely transformed over an entire decade in many ways. He changed his lifestyle dramatically to a very mature and food person -quite different from what was introduced with the beginning of the series. Joey changed for good but some frustrating ways too but for every fan of Friends he was a memorable character adding life to the sitcom.

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