Interesting Facts about James Bond Movies You May Not Know

James Bond, aka Agent 007, is probably the most popular fictional spy in the world. The year 2020 was an important one for James Bond fans as the twenty-fifth movie of the franchise “No Time to Die” was to be released earlier this year.

However, the released date has been shifted to November 2020, and fans have no other choice but to binge watch the previous installments or keep digging out interesting facts and trivia about the franchise. We can help you out with the latter. Let’s check out most interesting facts about Bond movies.

  • While writing the first Bond story Ian Flemming, the author of the novels that were later adapted into Bond movies, asked an ornithologist Dr. James Bond if he could use his name in the story. The doctor agreed, and the rest is history.
  • Flemming used a Gold-plated typewriter for writing his Bond novels.
  • About ¾ of all females James Bond got attracted to in Bond movies initially attempted to kill him.
  • Flemming’s original choice of weapon for James Bond’s character was a Bretta 418 pistol. However, he was forced to change his preferences when a fan wrote to him that this was a lady’s gun. Then he switched to the Walther PPK, which was the model Hitler used to commit suicide.
  • There is a lot of confusion about the 007 code. The 00 prefix indicates that Bond has license to kill while the code 007 was assigned to Bond after he broke the German diplomatic code.
  • Wondering why 007? That’s because 002, 003, 004, and 009 agents are already dead while the villainous 006 was disposed of in the movie Goldeneye. There hasn’t been any mention of 001 and 005, and 008 is believed to be 007’s replacement in case he dies or is removed from a mission.
  • The deadliest Bond so far is Pierce Brosnan who kills as many as 47 people in just one movie Goldeneye. The least deadly Bond is Roger Moore who kills just one man in The Man with the Golden Gun. Moore and Sean Connery have played Bond the maximum of times, with each playing it 7 times.

Former US President John F. Kenney was a huge Bond movie fan. Rumor has it that From Russia with Love was the last movie president Kennedy saw before his death. In fact, he was assassinated the very next day. Moreover, Kennedy was somewhat responsible for making this movie a huge success, as in one of his interviews in 1961 he named the novel ‘From Russia with Love’ as his most favorite in the series. Unsurprisingly, the sales of the novel skyrocketed and it was soon adapted into a movie, which the late president then saw in 1963.

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