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Kristen Stewart became a popular name after the Twilight Saga franchise films that was intriguing and garnered a lot of attention from fans. But, critically, she has starred in a number of wonderful movies exhibiting her brilliant filmographies, such as Underwater, Adventure Land, Charlie’s Angels, Snow White and the Huntsman and many more. She has been celebrated by many awards like the BAFTA, EDA awards, ACCA, AFCA, César awards and many more for her distinguished acting skills. She has also been a part of many indie films like Lizzie, J.T. LeRoy that has been critically appraised. Now let’s have a look at some of the most impressive to movies one should definitely watch that starred Kristen Stewart, except, well Twilight.

  • Clouds of Sils Maria
Kristen Stewart, Post-"Twilight," Delivers in "Clouds of Sils ...

The wonderful mystery movie by Oliver Assayas brilliantly expresses difficult questions about ageing, sincerity, celebrity life and love with bits of irony. Kristen Stewart as the character of Valentine performs remarkably as the personal assistant of famous actress Maria. The story revolves around the intelligent banter between the two and their trip to Alps region of Sils Maria for the preparation of the actress’s next role. The character played by Stewart is interesting with her smart mouth and her struggle to balance everything – with exaggerated silences – the performance is compelling. The movie is fascinating and is among the finest works of Stewart getting her a French César Award to win too.

  • Certain Women
How Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams Came Together for Certain ...

The drama is heartbreaking with beautiful acting of Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern. It is emotionally engrossing to see the coming of together of the lives of three very different women in a small town. The ensemble drama has fine storytelling executed well by the actresses and the challenges of everyday life that gives meaning to any normal day is exhibited brilliantly in the film. The impressively executed film sums up the connection ordinary people look for to pass their very normal lives in a gently paced way. This movie is a charming addition among the top movies played by Kristen Stewart.

  • Still Alice
Kristen Stewart best movies

The movie is an Oscar winner for actress Julianne for her exquisite portrayal of a linguistics professor diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The relationship between the professor and the daughter played by Stewart – Lydia is highlighted critically. The life choices of Alice(Moore) and Lydia being supportive of them is exceptionally executed by both of them. Kristen has a very captivating and empathetic on-screen chemistry with her mother. the Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning movie is an adaptation of Lisa Genova’s 2007 best-seller. The proper pairing of Stewart made the film to be an excellent piece of filmography getting its many recognitions.

  • Personal Shopper
A Haunted Kristen Stewart Graces 'Personal Shopper'

Stewart as Maureen is a personal shopper for a celebrity who wants to communicate with her dead twin brother. The movie is among the most compelling works of Stewart where she pretty much takes most of the screen time. This open-ended ghost story set in Paris goes quite unexpected with haunting supernatural suspense. The leading performance of Stewart is delightfully portrayed as a medium between the forged connection if the access and the dead brother. The topic of grief and inability to let go is exceptionally highlighted in the movie, making it among the best characters played by Stweart.

Stewart has done a number of wonderful films even before Twilight like Into The Wild and after that more enriching movie like On The Road, Equals, Cafe Society, Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, etc. that is an equally exquisite experience like the big firms like Charlie’s Angels. Her acting capabilities corwms as her one of the top actresses of Hollywood with a very rebelling representation on the media. But her fans be it the Twihards or those who love Stewart and even those trying to look for the clumsy Bella in her – appreciate her all the more with better movies and progressing career.

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