Legally Blonde- A Movie I Believe Broke Many Stereotypes

Why I like the movie ‘Legally Blonde’ so much? It is true that the movie is fun, witty, and comic with a clear message to take home. However, isn’t every other rom-com made on similar lines? Then, what is it that makes Legally Blonde hold such a special place in my list of favorite movies?

That’s because it is a movie that broke many stereotypes, without making a lot of fuss about it. Its humor was subtle and the message it tried to impart was even subtler. But, still it conveyed it so strongly that it still amazes me.

Based on Amanda Brown’s novel Legally Blonde, the movie (released in 2001) starred Reese Witherspoon as the protagonist Elle Woods. Woods is everything that a stereotypical blonde would be- she loves pink, is a sorority girl, is perceived by her boyfriend as a non-serious fashion buff, is born to a wealthy family in Malibu, and.. she is blonde!

When Elle’s boyfriend Warner Huntington III rejects her for being a fool and decides to go to Harvard Law School, Elle takes it as a challenge to prove that he is wrong about her.

Throughout the movie, Elle is judged by everyone, her classmates, her teachers, and her boyfriend too. Despite this, nothing breaks her resolve to achieve what she wants to, and never even thinks about changing her feminine qualities just to please people. While staying true to herself, she rises against the odds, and not just reaches the Harvard Law School but even manages to outshine everyone at the school with her intelligence and presence of mind.

Elle faces many setbacks in the movie, but her resolve and motivation just keeps rising with every downfall. She is ridiculed by her peers, her boyfriend gets back with his ex after dumping Elle, and all three are at the same law school, but even this doesn’t break Elle’s determination to prove that she can achieve what others think she cannot.

She arrives at Harvard every day dressed up as a Barbie doll without caring about what others think or want her to do. This sort of go-getter attitude is what makes Elle’s character so powerful and inspiring.

Harvard Law School basically symbolizes a man’s world where Elle is trying to find her true identity and verifies her equal stature, if not superior to men. Through Elle’s character, it is conveyed that appearance or gender cannot define one’s identity. Elle constantly experiences obstacles in achieving her goals but she overcomes all of them and seizes her own destiny. That’s what girl power is all about, and the movie strongly imparts this message. Even after 20 years, Legally Blonde continues to inspire and motivate me, and countless other people with its motivational story line and Witherspoon’s outstanding portrayal of Elle Woods. It is indeed a classic, and I simply cannot wait for release of Legally Blonde 3.

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