Lesser Known Facts About Wonder Woman

Who wouldn’t want to know more about Wonder Woman? She was the first ever female superhero in a rather excessively male dominated superhero domain. Created by the legendary William Moulton Marston in 1941, Wonder Woman has everything that any male superhero possesses; she is smart, intelligent, beautiful, fast, brave, and she can even fly without any special vehicle.

She is an icon to reckon with and we cannot wait any longer to watch the latest movie of the DC extended universe series- Wonder Woman 1984. Until its release, here are some little known facts about the iconic female savior.

One Woman Two Versions:

Do you know that there are two different versions of Wonder Woman in DC comics? Yes indeed! The first version is New Earth and the second version is Prime Earth. New Earth WW is the original one that started in 1980s and got replaced by Prime Earth Wonder Woman after 2000s. Currently we see the second version of WW in the movies.

Wonder Woman is Truly Gifted:

The various skills and powers that Wonder Woman (Diana) possesses are not her innate abilities but she received them as gifts from none other than the Greek gods. So, Athena gifted her courage and wisdom, Demeter instilled strength in her, and her beauty and kindness are gifts from Aphrodite. So, what about her flying abilities? Ummm… keep guessing.

Diana had a Crush on Superman:

Didn’t you see it coming already? In her previous avatar, that is, New Earth WW when Diana met the Man of Steel, she quickly developed a crush on him. She was so serious about him that she asked her agent on Earth Myndi to fix a date with him, but later she decided to just be friends with him. However, the new version of WW shares a long-term relationship with superman and we are definitely not complaining.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman Affair:

WW also dated Aquaman for a short while. It happened when Aquaman was separated from his wife. In fact, in the Queen of Fables story, Aquaman wakes Wonder Woman up from a cursed sleep with a kiss. 

Captain Marvel versus Wonder Woman:

You may be surprised to know that WW and Captain Marvel had a face-off. Yes, it is true that the Greek champion was once made to fight the Roman champion Captain Marvel. Wondering who won the contest? Wonder Woman of course!

Wonder Woman is a Vegetarian:

Diana can speak to animals, and perhaps this is why she refrains from eating meat and has remained a vegetarian in both the versions.

Wonder Woman is a Goddess:

Diana met the same fate as many of her colleagues in the DC extended universe- she has died in the comics. However, the Olympian gods resurrected WW and she returned as the goddess of truth.

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