Movie Review: INCEPTION (2010): Dream come true!

An exceptional movie from the visionary director “Christopher Nolan”. One cannot expect anything less than sheer masterpiece from the very famous director of the Batman series superhits. This one is fascinating, thrilling, engaging, and mindful. The cast of the movie is brilliant, Leonardo DiCaprio and his friends are the professionals at reading subconscious through entering other people’s dreams.

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The character Cobb (DiCaprio) is hired by a businessman (Ken Watanabe). He along with his team design dreams to complete a mission. The proper architect in dreams where the roads are vertically elevated, mirrors exist all around and so much more makes the screen visually appealing. The story reflects the personal emotional insights of the main protagonist which is very thoughtful of the director to bring it as a wholesome entertainment package.

The basic plot revolves around implanting an idea in the brain of a rival (Cillian Murphy) through intruding in the dream within a dream within a dream. The new idea is “the rival must break up the conglomerate he is about to inherit, which is poised to control half the world’s energy and become a new superpower.” From here the mission begins and the entire journey will keep the viewer’s cerebral spaces twisted.

The acting has been phenomenal. DiCaprio has carried the movie on his shoulders alone. The other supporting actors are a treat to watch. Of course, the direction and screenplay are grade-A levels. Besides that, the soundtracks keep the watcher on toes. The duration is just a perfect of 148 minutes. The curiosity to watch more and more never ends.

This is the level of brilliance in the film. Nolan knows how to wow his audience. His movies are for a special class of watchers who have a slight perspective of imagining things with weary scientific thoughts. The parallel unrealistic world is where we can leave our troubles. Maybe a new alternative world can provide solutions to real-world problems.

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