Old Hollywood Classics to Watch while Quarantining

At a time when a major chunk of the world populace is forced to stay indoors, binge watching your favorite TV shows and old movies is probably the most preferred activity of those practicing self-isolation. After all, nothing can be as comforting as sitting on a couch with bag of chips and watching an old Hollywood classic. So, if you have access to streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix, here’s the list of best Hollywood oldies you need to watch while quarantining.

Dirty Harry:

Released in 1971, Dirty Harry was inspired by the notorious Zodiac Killer case, who created havoc in American state of California during late 1960s. The story is based in San Francisco, and shows the hard time a psychopathic serial killer infamously known as The Scorpio Killer (Andrew Robinson) gives police inspector Harry (Clint Eastwood) as he attempts to hunt him down.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

This innovatively titled movie will take you on a fantasy journey. It was released in 1968, and shows the inspiring journey of an eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts (played by Dick Van Dyke) who manages to convert an old and broken Grand Prix car into a magical vehicle for his kids. After the abduction of Potts’ father, the entire family attempts to save him and embark on a journey to the fantasy land.

The Stranger:

Directed by Orson Welles and released in 1946, The Stranger is a post-war thriller starring Welles himself in lead role along with Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson. Welles plays the role of an ex-Nazi living a quiet life in a small village and his life takes an unexpected turn when a UN war crimes investigator succeeds in tracking him down.

True Grit:

Released in 1969, this western drama is still a better version than its 2010 remake, and earned Wayne an Oscar for his apt portrayal of a drunken yet inspiring Sheriff. It is a story of a stubborn teen Mattie Ross (played by Kim Darby) who hires Rooster Cogburn (played by John Wayne) to take revenge from her father’s murderer. The movie stars Dennis Hopper, Glen Campbell, and Robert Duvall in pivotal roles.

Funny Face:

This movie was released in 1957, and revolves around Dick Avrey (Fred Astaire), a New York City-based fashion photographer. Avrey is attracted to a timid bookstore employee Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), whose picture he captures accidentally. The pair go to Paris where Avrey clicks photos of Stockton at Parisian landmarks and the entire journey has amazingly comical outcomes.

Some Like It Hot:

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are two musicians who accidentally become eyewitnesses of a mob hit and flee the scene immediately. To hide from the cops, they join an all-female musical band disguising as females. While Curtis is dressed up as Josephine, he meets a ravishing blonde Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (Marilyn Monroe) and thus, begins a hilarious joyride.

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