The LoveBirds: A Netflix Original

A true reflection of friendship, bond, reflection and love without boundaries. A perfect amalgamation of the excellence in the art of direction by Michael Showalter, the movie “The Lovebirds” proves the multiple awards that the screenplay received at the Ourense International Film Festival in 2014. Originally an American comedian, Michael Showalter produced this masterpiece of a romantic-comedy accumulating more than $42 million in Box Office. The movie serves as the perfect relaxation time at the weekend after a busy week, enjoyed by youngsters and adults both at a cinematic experience.

The movie starts off with the example of two different individuals, Kumail Nanjiani as Jibran and Issa Rae as Leilani, engulfed in the busy city life, who meet each other and eventually fall in love. Soon however, both become complacent in their lives and start to find differences in each other. Captivating watchers from the start with immense comedy and romance, the movie initiates a sequence of a turn of events which eventually lead the couple to an argument which results in Jibran and Leilani breaking up. Amidst this heated conversation, as they both drive to a friend’s dinner-party, JIbran runs over a person on a bicycle. 

Soon, Paul Sparks (Mustache) posing as a police officer, takes their car and runs over the wounded bicycle rider until he is dead. What follows is a turn of events, which see Jibran and Leilani forget their ambiguous differences, and decide to solve a crime, which they are being framed for. Police corruption, political duplicity, violence and a comedy in its purest forms, the movie is a real mood-lightener for all those having a tough day. Recovering a phone from the dead bicycle rider, both follow clues to uncover the whole case plotted against them.

Captured by a congressman in search of some malice evidence against him, the broken-up couple somehow manages to escape. Jibran and Leilani, soon uncover the true reality of the entire scenario that was brewing against them; a huge cult of individuals from the elite part of society forming a political conspiracy. Upon escape from a number of obstacles along the way, they finally decide to go to the police to report their findings. It is not until they are out of the police station that they realize that the police are in on it, Mustache being one of the corrupt police officers. The couple is taken to the dock where the police officer intends to kill them, but Leilani rescues Jibran in the nick of time and shoots Mustache. Rescued and relieved of their name from the crime, the couple aims to rediscover the fire in their relationship. The movie ends with a cut-scene from the tv-show, The Amazing Race, in which the couple’s running at 1st place. The movie is an overall uplifting experience filled with a whirlwind of emotions, joy, fun and laughter. A Netflix Original filled with action, excitement, intensity, and surprises, ‘The LoveBirds’ is the perfect movie to kick-back to after a long day of work.

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