The phenomenal cast of famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S

So friends! Are you a TV series binge-watcher? If yes then it is quite obvious that you have come across “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”; the world-famous decade long (1994-2004) TV series that continues to rule us even today, 16 years later. The show took away a part of our heart when it finally ended in 2004. But do you know why it was so good? It is memorable because of the great actors and the iconic roles they portrayed on screen. Here is the list of actors who made the show so compelling to watch.

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1. Jennifer Aniston as Rachael Green

Aniston is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood. Her character Racheal Green is relatable to many young girls who want to live an independent life on their terms and conditions. Green is a lovely, beautiful and funny girl who share deepest friendships with the five of her friends but she has the most special corner for “Ross Geller”, the love of her life. Her love journey is a rollercoaster ride, has emotions, laughter, separation, confusion, and pain. Aniston did great justice to her role and made Racheal Green alive so much.

2. Courtney Cox as Monica Geller

Cox has effortlessly portrayed Monica on screen. Monica Geller is a young, enthusiastic chef with partial signs of Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. She likes everything clean, perfect, and in its place. She is the one who takes care of everyone’s food. Cooks and works in restaurants. Her home is the spot for all the good parties and gets together. She is the sister of “Ross Geller” and flatmate with Rachael Green. Her love interest in another funny main character called “Chandler Bing” whom she gets married to.

3. Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay portrayed by Lisa Kudrow is probably the funniest female character on the show. She is insanely humorous with her actions and dialogues. She is superstitious too throughout the show. She gave birth to triplets via surrogacy for her brother. She earns by giving massages and singing songs at the coffee shop “Central Perk”. Her song “smelly cat” has earned her lots of recognition. Phoebe has a twin sister named Ursula Buffay played by Kudrow only. Her love interest was many but finally, she got engaged and married to Mike. 

4. David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

Ross Geller is the brother of Monica Geller and friends with the other five main characters. He is a scientist who works at a dinosaur museum. His first wife turns out to be a lesbian whom he divorces. Ross is quite disturbed with his love life until he finds his love interest in “Rachael Green” again. They both have a very cute and intense romantic relationship. Ross is overtly obsessed with Rachael and loves her deeply. They go through a rough patch but end up together. The audience loved their chemistry and innocent character Ross too much.

5. Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing

The soul of this funny show was the character, Chandler Bing. Perry played Bing’s character with the utmost sincerity. Bing is a good earning, handsome, young guy best friends with Joey and Ross. He is the neighbor of Monica Geller and friends too. He is witty and sarcastic whenever he feels uncomfortable in a situation. Calls himself desperate for love which tickles the audience’s funny bone hard. His girlfriend Janice is whom he bumps into again and again after several times of breakup. Ultimately he marries Monica Geller and adopts kids.

6. Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani

The character Joey is played by LeBlanc. It has been shown as a dim-witted but very friendly and caring guy. He is very good looking and “ladies man”. A struggling actor, roommate, and best friends with Bing and Ross. He loves food and doesn’t share any food with anybody. He is a childish character, loves playing video games and watches “Baywatch” along with Bing. He doesn’t get married in the show but a continued series “Joey” shows him getting engaged to Alex. 

The show was a massive hit and these characters are still favorite to many F.R.I.E.N.D.S lovers. Watch the show if you want to see some true friendship on screen.

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