The road ahead for Hollywood

With this technology-driven era we live in, Hollywood can have a wider and brighter future. With easy access to movies, people have accumulated this passion to watch good movies. Hollywood movies have been the major attractions for any viewer from across the world. Art and ideas have no boundaries today.

What’s happening in Hollywood says us something different. Cinema is majorly an entertainment but it plays a vital and initially roles in societies. These movies are a vision that connects people. A movie is not just about famous actors, fancy sets and so on. All these can be a part of a film yet they will just be a part of it. Hollywood seems to ignore the other aspects as they are more dedicated to investing high and aiming at earning the twice of it, for whatever they deliver.

Every film envisions, which leads further. There is a different perception of a different individual on the same thing. Understanding those differences and following it to know why it is there generate an idea and awareness. Several directors chase these ideas and see the world uniquely and with there excellent work they bring it in a movie and deliver to the people to see it through there eyes.which is at times challenging and Hollywood has no time for risk.

Hollywood has been working on similar principles and movie norms. There are very few directors and producers who can get different and incredible topics on big screens which Hollywood is usually against. They are more into creating sequels or remakes or making movies with similar plots at the same time. All these old tricks are failing now. And with access to great movies and movies which never got their shares on the big screen through Netflix and other apps. Influencing people to come to watch the regular is turning into a task.

Its high time for Hollywood to secure its future by giving chance to new ideas, genres and taking a risk. It has a plethora of talents that all is required here is motivation. Hollywood has to work upon what exactly it delivers to the public not thinking much About higher profits.

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