The Thriller ‘Final Destination’ Movie Series recently Watched


One of the best horror-thriller movies, Final destination has proved death has a sequence, and not all such sequences are created equal in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Its movie sequence created one by one that has taken all its fans by storm. However, it generally works as a slasher movie and comes with a twist in each end. So, if you are still confused about the movie, don’t worry, we have done a detailed review of all series. Have a look below about the best and worst part of its every version.

Final Destination

Released in 2000, the very first series of Final Destination is pretty good to watch but not the best in the franchise. The idea of the movie comes from a finance script wrote by Jeffrey Reddick for the X-Fileswhich was still on the air at that time. Talking about the movie, it is not really that scary though. As you will come to know before that all characters will die in the end and the fear for them will somehow become less. In the middle of the movie, you will realize how that it applies to us and that’s when it starts to get terrifying.

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Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5 is the other jump in the quality. To be honest, there is not much to set for all the odd numbers Final Destination movies apart from one another. As this version is shot in 3D, it makes a huge sense. However, it tries to revolve into the chronology of its earlier versions and unlike its second series, it doesn’t feel confusing. It somehow stray the drawback that those two lesser movies fell for, and also delivers on the spectacle and terror front. Moreover, the twist, in the end is brilliant.

Final Destination 3

In the second, third, and fourth series, there is a huge difference between the quality and it gets better after every version. Is there one series that takes all the credits, then it’s going to be Final Destination 3. The opening premonition-based massacre takes place on a theme park roller coaster till the intermission, while the concept is a novel one, it’s not quite a home-run success. Some of the other killings merge together, with lots of head splats.


All the series of the movie gives a clear message about inventive loop killings. It is all about how everyone dies one day, the whole world is out to get you. You will find some series including first, second, and final parts to be quite interesting to watch while others are not up to that level.

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