Top 3 Cool Facts About Hollywood Celebrities

It’s okay to admit that we all live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. From the red carpet interviews to their social media pictures, every bit of celebrity news we consume tells us more about them. With their amazing on-screen work and fascinating off-screen lives, actors become legends and their stories become urban tales. To know about some of the cool facts of these Hollywood celebrities, have a look below.

1. These days, Jennifer Lawrence is seen to be as an academy award-winning actress everywhere. But did you know, she got her start in the screen actor’s guild after she filmed a promo for MTV ‘My Super Sweet 16’.

2. Another such popular actor Bryan Cranston blew the audience away with his portrayal of the meth slinging science teacher as Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’. Did you know that one point in his life, he was actually a suspect in a real homicide investigation.

3. Did you know that George Clooney suffered from life-threatening injuries during his shoot for Syriana? It took weeks to figure out what was wrong with him. He got relieved only when his actress friend Lisa Kudrow referred him onto her neurologist brother, who noticed the fluid leaking from Clooney’s spine.

These cool facts about your favourite Hollywood celebrities are always interesting to know. Just because we watch the rich and famous on-screen doesn’t mean that we know the kind of lives they lead or what they are like in their real life.

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