Top 3 movies of Nicolas Cage

With a versatile filmography covering everything from action, comedy to award-winning dramas – Nicolas Cage is truly a living legend. He has worked in over 100 films for the last four decades in the acting career. Some of his best-rated films like Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse or Love, Antosha or National Treasure are admired by fans and critics alike. He brilliantly portrayed and worked flawlessly in his movies making even the worst of them captivating. He can be hands down taken as one of the best Hollywood’s golden star with his dedicated work to deliver remarkable movies that gripped our attention like a vice.

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Let’s have a look at the most promising and best three movies he starred in and fascinated us –

Top three movies by Nicolas Cage

  1. Leaving Las Vegas

Among the most interesting and strong rules played by Nicolas Cage is as Ben Sanderson in Leaving Las Vegas that made him an Oscar-winning actor. Leaving Las Vegas is an extraordinary film about addiction, love and values left in humanity. The dark movie revolves around Ben – a Hollywood screenwriter who drinks himself to death after losing everything and moving to Vegas. The serious character brilliantly played by Cage is gut-wrenching to see with the fragility and strengths of a human together on-screen. The despair, hopelessness and dependency on alcohol, the coping mechanism is depicted impeccably in this book adaptation – that it will shake you to the core. It shows how well and diverse are capabilities of Nicolas Cage acting as charismatic characters in upbeat movies to something this deep and maniac filmography in Leaving Las Vegas.

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2. The Rock

The action and adventure thriller film The Rock is another exemplary work of Cage where he radiantly shines out among co-stars like Sean Connery and Ed Harris. As Stanley Goodspeed, Cage is kidnapped while sneaking into Alcatraz Island. He brilliantly brings out the role of an FBI biochemist responsible to disarm stolen warheads. The energy on-screen is tangible whether it is stealing cars or infiltrating the military base – we are forced to be tensed and feel the wild energy firsthand. Michael Bay’s film is intense and attracts us with its very different plot and explosions paired with equally amazing dialogues making it wholesome. Nic Cage makes it all the better and well makes us ride the entire movie pretty much alone making us think “did he really say that”. The film is something very different from Leaving Las Vegas and excellently played by Cage right after the serious Oscar win.

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3. Moonstruck

The heart-throbbing film Moonstruck is a rom-com that makes us fall in love with Nicolas Cage in his brooding, working-class character Ronny with a dopey smile on his face. This movie gave us what we know as classic Cage with a love angle with Loretta. The Italian comedy is delightful to spectate with the on-screen chemistry between a wooden handed man and engaged, soon to be married, Loretta (played by Cher). The Oscar-winning cinema is awesomely executed by the team and for recognized by 3 awards 6 nominations. Cage was acknowledged by a Golden Globe nomination for this wonderfully engaging filmography experience. Moonstruck is pretty much an unforgettable movie that is critically acclaimed and quite a different role played by Cage than in Raising Arizona. The humor-filled and sweet movie eloquently showcase old fashioned romanticism through weird humor but a gentle approach to life and family life.

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Many other epics cinemas like Face/Off, Adaptation, Con Air, Gone in 60 seconds have exhibited the unmatched capabilities of Nicolas Cage. The diversity of his films and magnificence of the filmography in the roles played is commendable. From classic films to blockbuster hits or indie films playing the hero or the villain ha solace him at the pedestal where he is revered as an outstanding actor. From Academy Awards to the center of jokes and weird movie choices and range of expressions – a very varied image is open to us. Movies like Bangkok Dangerous, Trespass have also been part of his career that was poorly reviewed yet, again and again with enthralling performances like Ghost Rider or Mandy or spectacular Raising Arizona have astounded us. The alluring and beautifully portrayed characters are a delight to see in his movies – and he rightly can be said on the pinnacle of filmography in Hollywood.

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