Top Action Hollywood Movies you must watch

We all love watching action films. People these indulge more in action films than with the movies of another genre. Action is connecting people, may it be their favorite superheroes saving the world against all the ods or the amazing and exciting plot of the movie. All and all it is an assured entertainment. While here is the list of top action Hollywood movies you must watch.

Avengers: endgame (2019)

This Marvel Studio movie is the conclusion to the 22 movies based on the superhero comic “The Avengers” also amongst the most successful movie series of the century so far. Endgame is the sequel to Infinity War, which plots the ending of the world because of an invader Thanos, against whom all the superheroes come together to save the world as it might be their last chance. It is a journey to wow but not to expect a much happier ending. All and all, the movie is full of unending action and suspense.

John Wick- Chapter 3 Parabellum (2019)

Made in direction of Chad Stahelski, is the third installment to John Wick series. The story picks up minutes after the end of the previous film, where the legendary Hitman John founds out that he is debarred from the organization He worked for and is faked to have done a $14 million fraud and is running to save his life against the most professional killers. This life-saving journey of John Wick is enthralling and filled with action.

Mad Max- Fury Road (2015)

Directed by George Miller, this film is 4th installment to the series which is based on a post-Apocalyptic time. The film plots Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland where petrol and water is a scarcity and having these commodities is an every time battel, and Max unwillingly joins Imperator Furiosa, a rebel warrior against the Cult leader who controls the water supplies. This fight in the dry land with giant armed trucks, rebels and beasty costumes is an amazing action cult to watch.

These are the best action Hollywood movies to be watched from the recent time with amazing Action plots, Cinematography, Direction, and Cast, showcasing the Heroes fighting against all the odds. If you haven’t watched these movies yet and loves action films, then you are missing on few best from the decade movies. So add this to your watch list and get started.

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