Top Contemporaries of Al Pacino

Al Pacino – one of the greatest actors if all times jas portrayed in some of the most riveting movies of Hollywood. The flawless performances and influential acting have earned him praise and fame in the modern cinema along with envy. The interesting characters and excellent screen roles beguiling are things that mark his career but so does rivalry and competitiveness. Pacino did not limit his artistic abilities just on cameras but extended it to theatres and bestowed us legendary performances. His versatility and screen presence with unmatched technicality has far surpassed his contenders. But let’s have a look at some of the most prominent contemporaries from the generation of Pacino.

Al Pacino at 80: His greatest acting roles
  • Robert De Niro

He has starred with Pacino in The Heat, The Godfather Part II, The Irishman, Righteous Kill. The capabilities of Robert are also commendable with his wonderful movies like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull but the activation and second-guessing nature of Pacino’s character is never there. They both are probably the best friends who don’t feel competing against each other and always make fun or praise each other on talk shows. They have often competed for the same role and auditioned but some movies like 1900, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and Glengarry Glen Ross that planned to star them together didn’t work out till the end. Pacino has more fluid and magnetic as well as a varied screen presence in any role while De Niro takes time systematically to get into the character. They both are going the bests of their generations and the last movie they starred was the Irishman. The screen presence of them together is something to behold and cherish.

  • Joe Pesci

He is another celebrated actor who started with De Niro and Pacino in The Irishman and has produced a number of brilliant characters in movies. He has worked together in a lot of films with director Martin Scorsese and De Niro like the Raging Bull and Goodfellas bringing him a nomination and Academy award respectively. He worked in a number of critically appraised films like Casino, Home Alone, Moonwalker. Joe Pesci and Pacino have faced off each other twice in the Academy Awards nominations – first during Pesci’s win in Goodfellas against Pacino’s Dick Tracey and the other in The Irishman. They are actors of different leaves and are often tagged as old friends off-screen.

  • Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is the idol of both Pacino and De Niro and they together starred in Godfather I and Godfather II. De Niro played the part of young Brando in the second installment if the movie. Pacing and Brando portrayed a son and father duo and exchange of controlling party of a crime syndicate. Brando was a great actor, not exactly from Pacino’s generation with 2 Academy Award recognitions. It is quite a famous news piece that for the movie Godfather, Brando received the Best Actor Academy Award despite his lesser screen time than Pacino playing as Michael – his son. Marlin Brando was an esteemed actor with brilliant filmographies like On The Waterfront, Sayonara, A Streetcar Named Desire, Julius Ceasar, etc.

There have been rivals of Al Pacino and one such major incidence is during the shooting of The Godfather when Coppola wanted Pacino but there was a conflict of interests and names like Warren Beatty or Robert Redford were more sought out. Other contemporaries were Jack Nicholson, Ryan O’Neal along with Dustin Hoffman, Martin Sheen, and James Caan were auditioned for the same role. Al Pacino was prejudiced due to his too intense and role of an addict The Panic in Needle Park by the Paramount executives. Despite all this, Copolla cast Pacino as Micheal because he believed him to be only one who could portray the dilemma flawlessly leading to the first Academy Awards nomination of Pacino. Various other equals in the acting career of Pacino were Gene Hackman, Elliott Gould, Dustin, Hoffman, Martin Sheen, James Caan, and Andy Garcia.

Despite all the competitions, Al Pacino with many ups and downs has exhibited his all-round capabilities and have been honored by Kennedy Center Honors (2016), National Medal Of Arts (2011), Cecil B. DeMille Award (2001), Tony Awards, Emmy Awards and even an Oscar taking in the “Triple Crown of Acting”. Cinemas like Any Given Sunday, The Recruit, Donnie Brasco, Scarface, You don’t know Jack, And Justice For All, Dick Tracey, Insomnia, The Devil’s Advocate and the immensely successful The Scent of a Women exposed the art and filmographic expertise of Pacino. He is an actor who was not only adaptable and full of energy but charismatic and methodical mesmerizing us in his role, whether it was a criminal, addict or lover and honest cop. We have loved it all the way from the very beginning with Me, Natalie to The Irishman and awaiting The Hunters.

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