Top Five Evergreen Movies of Tom Hanks

If there is one actor who has proved that he is truly gifted with spectacular acting skills and can pull off almost any given role, it is Tom Hanks. The 63-year old actor recently received his latest Oscar nomination for his outstanding portrayal of Fred Rogers in the 2019 drama “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

Though he couldn’t win the award, but it is a clear proof that even at this age, he is a big threat to many Hollywood stars. If you want to check out why he is constantly praised for his acting skills, watch the following five Hanks’ movies to find out yourself.

Forrest Gump

Released in 1994, this Robert Zemeckis directorial venture is from a different league altogether. It has received the status of a cult classic and even today many of its dialogues and moments are part of our pop culture. If you watch it today, you won’t be able to recognize Hanks as he has donned so many different avatars in Forrest Gump. It is a coming of age kind of story that has its fair share of light as well as melancholic moments, but in a nutshell it is a masterpiece.

You’ve Got Mail

Hanks has a reputation of starring in complex, serious movies but this one will surely change your perception. He is equally impressive as a hopeless romantic in the 1998 movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ as he is seen a staunch and strict military official in Saving Private Ryan. It is a brilliant movie, where the best thing is the chemistry that Hanks and Meg Ryan share on the screen. It is also one of the earliest movies to revolve around internet dating and emailing. We bet you will fall in love with the witty and flirtatious character of Tom Hanks in the movie.

Catch Me If You Can

Released in 2002, this intelligently penned movie shows how an FBI agent (Hanks) successfully nabs a conman (Leonardo DiCaprio) only to give an unexpected gift to the conman in the end. There are moments where Hanks’ character shows extreme frustration for not finding any trail of the conman and then there are exceedingly nerve-wrecking chase sequences that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Saving Private Ryan

This 1998 epic depicts the dark and devastating side of wartime, and further establishes Hanks’ mastery over the craft. It is a tragic movie that shows the consequences of wars and the numerous senseless sacrifices ordinary men were expected to make not just for the homeland but for those in the power corridors. Undoubtedly, director Steven Spielberg has outdone himself in this movie.

Cast Away:

By the time Cast Away was released in 2000, Hanks was already a superstar, but with this movie he transformed into an iconic celebrity. Having no other costar apart from volleyball named Wilson, Hanks carried the entire movie on his shoulders and successfully translated the plight of a lone man on a deserted island with no contact with anyone in the world. You can call him the new-age Robinson Crusoe.

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