Upcoming Hollywood movies

We all like watching movies and wait eagerly for the best releases based on the genre we like the most. This year is awaited for a few best-of releases in Hollywood we have been waiting for. The list follows the most awaited movies of the year.

A Quiet Place Part II

This movie is a sequel to 2018 release horror movie “A Quiet Place”, which is all set to release on 19th March 2020 in America. This movie plots a family making their survival in silence against the other world creatures, which in this part will have another twist and new challenges for this family.

The Black Widow

This movie is based on the Marvel comic character “The Black Widow” which is the 24th movie to the Marvel creations. This movie will release in theatres across the world on 30th April 2020. The black widow has been the most awaited movie in the history of Marvel movies. This movie plots the post-civil war event in the life of Natasha and how she deals with it in the way of becoming an avenger.

Wonder Woman 1984

This movie is sequel to 2017 “Wonder Women”. It has been the most awaited movie since the past release and is all set to release worldwide on 5th June 2020. the movie will plot around the conflict of Diana with two dangerous foes and reuniting with her past love.

With all these women lead movies to set screen and box office on fire, being the most awaited movies, it seems like it will be the year for ladies on the box office for Hollywood.

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