Web series you need to watch during Quarantine

Hey folks! Is the Quarantine period making you bore to the core? Are you tired of work from home and looking for an escape? You should try to watch these fabulous web series for reinventing your mood. These are the most popular and loved series by people all across the globe. You will love watching them. If you haven’t watched any series before then this might be a perfect beginning. It is not a ranking order list.

1. Game of Thrones

The most hyped and loved series by binge-watchers from all over the globe is GOT. The series has a total of 10 seasons. The last season that concluded the series was released in the year 2019. An intelligently written show with spectacular locations and screenplay. An epic saga with a bunch of supremely talented actors such as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage, and many more. It is not a real-world story. It includes everything that one would love to watch. From dragons to monsters, it has everything. It has drama, action, thrill, romance, adventure, jealousy, revenge, and whatnot. Highly recommended if you want to watch something really good and different. 

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2. Money heist

Currently, it is the most-watched show. It has a very unique and brilliant storyline. The main character Professor is the mastermind of major theft activities in towns. He has a whole team of professional thieves who successfully barge into banks and steal with a full proof plan. Must watch for thrill lovers. If your brain wants to exercise a little more besides work, then you can watch it. Your mind would thank you for entertaining it so much.

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3. Stranger things

A bunch of school kids with extraordinary skills in solving supernatural problems will blow your mind away. The entire cast is a pack of super talented actors and actresses. The story is about a girl called “Eleven” with some magical powers. The whole bunch of unnatural activities takes place when she enters their lives. An interesting turn of events makes their lives miserable yet they come out of it like a winner. Please watch it. It is so good that there 3 seasons of the show. Each one gets better with previous. Perfect pass time in quarantine. 

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4. 13 Reasons why

There are many reviews for this show mostly mixed reactions. It is a lengthy show. There are a total of 4 seasons. However, that’s a positive thing for you since you want to pass time in Quarantine. The other great thing about the show is the theme of the show. It is based on bullying and sexual harassment that ultimately leads to suicidal tendencies in teenagers. Hannah Baker, the main protagonist on the show narrates her death story and 13 reasons behind it through audio cassettes. She records them before she commits suicide. The tale behind her death is very interesting and worth watching. All youngsters must watch it to deeply understand the consequences of bullying and ragging. 

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5. The 100

I loved this show because of its unique concept. It is a high-tech science fiction show. The main plot is that a few humans have survived an apocalypse on earth by escaping earth on a giant spaceship. The fuel in the spaceship has gradually decreased. They launch a smaller spaceship from the giant one with 100 young people to earth. The whole story from here is about survival and life back on earth. An interesting science drama for earth and nature lovers. The screenplay and locations are just beautiful. Anyone wanting to watch something short and nice can watch this.

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There are many similar shows like the ones mentioned here. The Vikings, Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad, Euphoria, Pretty little liars, the crown, and many more. You can watch them too. They are pretty good series with high IMDB ratings.

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