What Makes The Pursuit of Happyness a Great Movie?

The Pursuit of Happyness is amongst the most inspirational biographical dramas of our time. Released in 2006, the movie was directed by Gabriele Muccino and starred Will Smith as the protagonist Chris Gardener. It is based on real-life rags to riches story of Christopher Paul Gardener, a homeless salesman who achieved big only because of his belief in himself and his capabilities. Smith’s son Jaden Smith debuted in this movie and played the role of Gardener’s son.

So, what makes the movie such a great watch with many such inspiring movies depicting real-life success stories too?

The best part of the movie is the exceptionally moving and realistic enactment of Gardener’s worries, hardships, internal turmoil, and disappointments by Smith. It is as if everything is happening to Smith in reality. It’s Gardener/Smith’s journey, his ups and downs and his constant struggle to make everything right for him and his son, whom he loves dearly. It also gives many important lessons that one cannot ignore.

Gardener had everything planned to perfection; his finances were sorted, he had a loving wife and adorable son. Suddenly, he finds himself out of money, and his wife leaves him because he is unable to make ends meet. Out of frustration Gardener decides to give sales internship a try, but his wife mocks at him claiming that instead of moving forward, he is going backward in his career. Yet, Gardener keeps trying until he succeeds as a stockbroker.

The movie is inspiring also because of the unconventionally strong bond that it shows between a father and a son. Gardener’s journey is not at all a bed of roses. He falters many times, had to spend nights in public toilets and free motels with his son, and curb hunger because he cannot afford three meals a day for both of them.

However, throughout the troubling time his son keeps him motivated by showing faith and confidence in his skills and abilities. That’s where Jaden and Smith’s magical on-screen chemistry should be given due credit. If they hadn’t played their respective parts so realistically, the whole impact would’ve been lost.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a feel-good movie. It teaches us that life will put us down every step of the way and there will be hurdles awaiting us always. But, we must never lose hope and keep trying and bounce back with stronger resolve and determination. Only through having faith in ourselves can we reach our desired goals in life.

Another key lesson it gives is that there cannot be shortcut to success. We have to give it all that we have in terms of skills, time, efforts, and hope to reach somewhere. Go watch this movie today if you are feeling demotivated and it is a guarantee that you’ll feel elated after watching it.

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