Why Avengers- End Game is Most Amazing Movie Ever

Marvel/Disney’s Avengers franchise grand finale – Avengers: End Game is undoubtedly among the most anticipated movies of all times. The fact that it crossed the worldwide box office collections of James Cameron’s Avatar and claimed the title of highest grosser movie in the world is enough to prove how much Marvel fans liked the movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it has 94% approval rating, which means critics are full of praises for the Anthony Russo and Joe Russo directorial. But, what is it about this movie that instead of complaining about its lengthy runtime, people regard it as their life’s most rewarding three hours.

That’s because Avengers: End Game culminates the past 22 movies of the franchise released over a course of 11 years. It is the movie that answers all our queries, resolves our confusions, and gives the most befitting ending to all the Avenger superheroes we have grown to be so fond of over the years.

It picks up where the Infinity War ended; Thanos, the cosmic supervillain, had obtained the Infinity Gauntlet and the world is now breathing its last. It’s all upon the remaining Avengers to bring back the fallen warriors and restore peace by traveling back in time.

This entire premise of the movie is brilliant while the storytelling is thoughtful, extravagant, and convincing. And, not just that it’s CGI and special effects are the best ever seen in a superhero movie so far, but the direction also is very crisp. Almost half of Hollywood A-list celebs are part of the movie either directly or indirectly, which is yet another key aspect that makes it different from other Marvel movies.

There are two most rewarding parts in the movie, which alone would be enough of a payoff for diehard Marvel fans who have invested so much time in this franchise. The first one is the showdown between Thanos army and the Avengers in the third-act. We get to see all the superheroes from the previous movies getting together for the final fight and to determine the fate of the planet. This is the battle all Marvel fans have been waiting for over a decade, and it certainly delivers.

The second most fulfilling moment in the movie comes right at the end when Captain America is shown having a quiet dance with his lady love Peggy Carter. The entire sequence is amazing as it depicts that our favorite superhero gives up his superhero life and goes back in time to spend life as an ordinary man with the woman he loves. This ending was not just unexpected but also very refreshing. Captain America was never able to overcome the grief of losing his ladylove and seeing him being in her arms finally was indeed a rewarding moment for Captain America fans.

All in all, Avengers: End Game has it all – outstanding effects, stellar cast, magnificent fight sequences, gripping storyline, and a healthy dose of light moments. Tone of the movie is not dark at all, unlike the last two Avengers movies; there are fun moments and the humor is trademark Marvel style witty and well-timed. It is true that the three hours long runtime suits the movie and these will be the best three hours of our life.. always.

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